Horror Factoid: In The Orphanage (2007) Laura's necklace, a St. Anthony medallion, makes a clever reference to her plight. In Catholic religion, St. Anthony is a doctor and patron saint of lost items.






« Interview with Ezekiel Zabrowski the other Director of Dracula’s Daughters vs. The Space Brains »


Where did the story idea come from?

Ezekiel Zabrowski- Shortly after Frank and I formed Ghost Works LLC were trying to come up with ideas for our first project.  We draw from the films we love.  Frank had been watching a lot of Mario Bava films.  Planet of the Vampires was in his head and he just blurted out the title Dracula's Daughter Vs. The Space Brain.  I changed it to daughters.  Frank agreed.  The more we can surround ourselves with beautiful women the happier we are.


How long did it take to write the script for Dracula’s Daughters vs. The Space Brains?

EZ- The initial treatment I wrote down the night we jammed out the idea for Space Brains.  Then like most ideas we sat on it for a couple years as we finished other projects: & Teller,  & Teller 2 and The Growth.  When those were done it was time for the dawn of the Space Brains. Teller had read the treatment and liked the idea and we blasted out the script in an hour. 


Wearing the hat of both writer and director, were you worried about pulling off the effects that the script called for?

EZ- Not at all.  I write the crazy stuff in there because I know Frank and his team can pull it off.  We are also honored to be working closely with The Chiodo Bros. and Mark Bryan Wilson.  These guys are responsible from some of my favorite moments in cinema.  It's the effects that drive us to do what we do and I feel honored to work with living legends.


Have you or are you planning to write a feature length version of the film?

EZ- The feature script is written.  The short is actually two condensed scenes of the feature.  Trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Great article! I was just noticing on this morning's news that Neil Patrick Harris won several awards last night. He got great reviews of his hosting of the Emmys last year and seems to be exploding all over the entertainment world these days. He's doing great, and another star in this movie, Erica Taylor, is also up-and-coming and truly one to watch. Incidentally, she's also my daughter! :)

August 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi

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